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What is Natural Gas?
Natural gas is a combustible mixture of hydrocarbon gases, primarily methane..
How to become a Sidra supplier?

​Please fill the form in this link

What is WOQODe Program?

​​It is a Fuel Management System for companies that are having a fleet of vehicles, it can be used to monitor, track, maintain, and control fuel consumption of vehicles. It is exclusively for vehicles fueling at WOQOD branded stations. An RFID tag is used for recording fuel transaction at the WOQOD branded stations for each vehicle. This is a postpaid system.

Yes1WOQODe Corporate 
How do I enroll in WOQODe prepaid?

Visit any WOQOD branded station where prepaid sales installation is available, fill the form, pay the cost, get your tag installed and wait for the activation to be confirmed.​

Yes1WOQODe Individuals 
Shall WOQOD handle MRS maintenance and inside factory installation both?

MRS maintenance shall be done by WOQOD and inside factory will be under the customer’s responsibility.

How can the customer add a new vehicle or remove vehicles from his companies account?
  • Call WOQOD Customer Service at 4021-7777/800-3835 and follow the procedure.
  • 50QR will be charged for adding a vehicle.​
  • The customer can remove vehicle from his list by making it passive for fueling through WOQODe - Portal. This function should be used only when the customer wants to remove his vehicle from the fleet.
Yes10WOQODe Corporate 
Can I fuel at all WOQOD stations?

​Yes, you can fuel your vehicle at any branded fixed station. You can check the locations using the WOQOD mobile application.

Yes10WOQODe Individuals 
What will be the price of Natural Gas?

The current price is 2.94$ i.e .38 QR per SCM fixed by the QP. It is muchcheaper than LPG, Diesel and Electricity. Contact us for more details.

How does the customer modify his contact details?

​Fill the change request form and email scanned copy to WOQOD Customer Service.

Yes11WOQODe Corporate 
How can I know the balance?

From the last fuel transaction, SMS received, or you can track it using WOQOD's mobile application​.

Yes11WOQODe Individuals 
What should I do to get Natural Gas connection?
Please Contact us at Natural Gas Section for further information or call Customer Service
How can the customer modify his bank guarantee amount?

​The customer has to contact WOQOD customer service to get the change request form. Bank Guarantee can be augmented or a new Bank Guarantee can be submitted with the covering letter to WOQOD Finance.

Yes12WOQODe Corporate 
How do I add vehicles to my account?

​Visit any WOQOD branded stations where prepaid sales installation is available, fill the additional vehicle form, pay the cost, get your tag installed and wait for activation.

Yes12WOQODe Individuals 
How does the customer receive his fuel bill and pay?
  •  Billing Cycle
    • Credit Invoices will be issued twice a month
      • (1-15 / 16-End of the month)
  • Types of Invoices
    • Fuel consumption invoice
      • Generates in portal every 15 days
    • Product and service invoice
      • Emailed to customer every 15 days
  • Payment Cycle
    • Payment has to be made within 15 (fifteen) days from the invoice date.
  • Mode of Payment
    • Bank to bank transfer (Customer has to mention invoice number, customer number & site number in the remarks column).
    • Cheque deposit into WOQOD bank accounts/cheque deposit in WOQOD tower (Customer has to mention invoice number, customer number & site number in the remarks column of deposit slip).
      • This information should be emailed to WOQOD Customer Service.
Yes13WOQODe Corporate 
How do I come to know that my vehicle has been fueled?

Through SMS or from WOQOD mobile application

Yes13WOQODe Individuals 
What are the major charges? 

(Starting fom 1 August 2020)

  • Tag price:
    • 250QR (1-500 tags)
    • 225QR (501-1000 tags)
    • 200QR (1001 tags and above).
  • Installation fees: 25QR per tag
  • Monthly service charge:  9QR per tag 

**Terms and conditions apply

Yes14WOQODe Corporate 
Who do I contact for any issue, query, and feedback?

Customer service at 4021-7777/800-3835 or email

Yes14WOQODe Individuals 
How many stations can the vehicles fuel?

​Vehicles can fuel at all WOQOD branded stations, except for the mobile stations.

Yes15WOQODe Corporate 
Can the tag be transferred from my vehicle to a new vehicle?


Yes15WOQODe Individuals 
Do fuel tags work internationally or locally in other fuel stations in Qatar?

​No. The tags will only authorize fueling in WOQOD branded stations that are activated for Tag-based fueling located in Qatar.

Yes16WOQODe Corporate 
How do I close my account?

Call customer service at 4021-7777/800-3835 or email

Yes16WOQODe Individuals 
What is the shelf life of WOQOD Lubricants?

​The shelf life of most oils and greases manufactured by WOQOD Lubricants is four years from date of shipment, provided that the oils and greases are properly stored in their original, unopened containers.

Whom do I contact in case of any issue?

​Contact WOQOD Customer Service. It functions from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm. Call at 40217777/8003835 or email

Yes17WOQODe Corporate 
What is the benefit of this tag?

Advanced RFID technology tracking each fuel transaction individually, no need to carry cash, no need for fuel cards which can be misplaced or forgotten and it is automated and convenient.

Yes17WOQODe Individuals 
Where can I purchase WOQOD Lubricant products in Qatar?

It is available in WOQOD petrol stations across Qatar and is also available in spare parts and service centers in industrial area, please contact our sales team for further details. Mobile Number – 33612529

How does the fuel station filler come to know that tag is installed in the vehicle?

​All the vehicles installed with Tags will have a WOQODe sticker near the fuel inlet.

At the same time, the customer can verbally inform the filler that his vehicle is installed with Tag.

Yes18WOQODe Corporate 
What is the warranty period for the tag?

12 months from the date of installation **warranty conditions apply.

Yes18WOQODe Individuals 
I am interested in exporting WOQOD Lubricant products to other countries, need price quotation.

​Please contact our Head of Lubricants for details/clarifications – Mobile - +974 55106167.

How will the vehicle fuel when the tag is not working?

The vehicle can be fueled by paying in cash or using a bank card.​

Yes19WOQODe Corporate 
If I sell my car, can the account be transferred to the buyer?
No, each account is registered under the QID number and individual name. It is advisable to close the account.
Yes19WOQODe Individuals 
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