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Sustainability Reports 2013
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WOQOD is pleased to announce the release of its 2013 Sustainability Report the first of its kind for the company.

This report illustrates WOQOD commitment to transparency and its concern to environmental and social issues and is resulted from WOQOD’s participation in the Qatar Energy and Industry Sustainable Development Industry Reporting (SDIR) Programme.

Themed around ‘fueling the needs of Qatar’, the report describes WOQOD’s approach and commitment to sustainability and presenting the company’s performance since 2011.

Sh. Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Chairman of WOQOD, stated: “At WOQOD, we see sustainability as a crucial component of our business conduct, which depends on the positive economic, environmental, and social impacts we have on our community”. He added: “As part of our strategy to be the best downstream energy company in the region, we are committed to the responsible use of resources and to delivering services in a safe, high-quality, and environmentally sound manner.”

The report highlights the various environmental stewardship and social responsibility initiatives the company has implemented in 2013 and establishes benchmarks and baseline metrics for ongoing, long-term sustainability goals.

In the past three years, WOQOD have achieved significant improvements in the quality and safety of the products and services it deliver to its customers. This has been accomplished via the introduction of natural gas and compressed natural gas (CNG) operations to our products’ mixes, the implementation of Shafaf cylinders, the transition to double-layer bulk LPG tanks, and the opening of five new WOQOD petrol stations in 2013. WOQOD’s environmental achievements included continuing with its water recycling program for its automatic car wash, which helped the company recycle 90% of the water consumed by car-cleaning procedures. Financial results also reflect this positive trend; WOQOD achieved a net profit of over QAR 1.216 billion for the financial year ending 31/12/2013, with a growth rate of 5.75% compared to the year 2012.

This report contains Standard Disclosures from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)'s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4 Reporting Guidelines). We have prepared the report to meet "Core" reporting requirements.